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Vinyl Vixens
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Ever since I was a little girl I've loved looking at Album covers. My father had a large collection of classical and stuff like Mantivani and even a Martin Denny or two. Father was a radio announcer so I'd go to the stations with him whenever I could and pour through the thousands of albums they'd have stored there... it was heaven to me. I hoped to grow up to look just like these un-earthly beauties and while I missed the mark by just a bit, I still worship at their perfect, paper and cardboard feet.

My second love (at least when it comes to record album covers) is the "disturbingly odd" covers and my third would be the purely beautiful ones featuring things I like such as rich colors, sparkly things, water, fluffy kittens and... well, you get the idea.

Everyone with a love or a curiosity of vintage album cover trixies (Vinyl Vixens) or just plain odd or purely pretty covers, are welcome here and I hope you'll make your own contributions to ths community.

Please feel free to contribute, just don't post more than one album cover without a cut, not everyone has fast connections or super spiffy computers (myself being one of them). You create a cut entry by typing the following but all together in a row:

Everything after that will appear as a link and won't show up on member's friends lists, it's only polite. Thanks!