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Vinyl Vixens and Other Delights [entries|friends|calendar]
Vinyl Vixens

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Custom parasol Anyone? [13 Feb 2005|06:49pm]

I am looking for a company that does custom parasols...my wedding dress is white and black velvet with a very retro audrey hepburnish feel...and am looking for something to go with it....

any websites???

I know that this may be off topic but i also know that many people out there know where to get them and i used to have a few websites but dont know where to get them anymore!!!
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HEADLINE: Gershwin Spins in Grave! [09 Nov 2004|06:11am]

I wish that someone would makes a scanner bed wide enough to accomodate a record album but until that time I'll have to double scan then splice together in paint shop pro. As those of you who read my regular journal may know, I'm going thru a health crisis right now and it's difficult for me to sit up at my computer for long at a time so I havn't been able to share my huge collection as I was wanting to. Once I'm recovered and back in the groove (note the cheesey record pun) I'll get cracking on this project. In the mean time, here's one to keep you happy.

This cover fascinates me... the girl alone on a warm breezy evening, choosing a window ledge and sheer bongo madness and rapture to wasting her time out on a date. My kinda woman! I hope she follows this up with a cigarette, a slice of cheesecake, a shot of whiskey and a drunken call to an ex-boyfriend to tell him what a steaming hunk of crap she thinks he is. She looks like the type, dontcha think?

I'm really terribly confused by the expression on her face. Is it bongo ecstacy or did her appendix burst at a crutial percussive cresendo?
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Grading Your Album [14 Oct 2004|03:18pm]

[ mood | awake ]

In the quest for determining value, you'll first need to get your album cleaned up then grade it. Here are the steps for doing that:

*Clean albums (see "How To Clean Your Vinyl Albums").

*Holding album by its edges, examine playing surface, label, inner sleeve, cover and inserts (posters, lyrics sheet, etc.), looking for signs of wear.
*Make a determination based on the following grades:

Mint (M) - An album perfect in every way, never played, often still-sealed.
Near Mint (NM) or Excellent (Ex) - Almost perfect, showing no signs of wear. Label, sleeve, cover and inserts should also show nothing but slight handling.
Very Good Plus (VG+) - A few signs of being played, but was well cared-for. Very slight surface scratches that don't affect sound. Label, sleeve, cover and inserts may have slight ring or handling wear.
VG+ is worth approximately 50% of the Near Mint value.
Very Good (VG) - Same traits as VG+s but more pronounced. Slight surface noise evident. Light scratches may affect sound. Label, sleeve and cover may have writing on them or tape residue.
VG is worth approximately 25% of NM value.
Good (G) or Good Plus (G+) - Will play without skipping, but has significant surface noise and scratches. Cover and sleeve may be split. Writing, ring wear and other defects may overwhelm album.
G or G+ is worth approximately 10-15% of NM value.

Keep in mind that other factors besides grade will affect the value of your album: artist, rarity, and supply and demand.

*After grading, gather prices from several different sources and use their average to determine the value of each album.

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Cleaning Albums & Covers [11 Oct 2004|09:16pm]

[ mood | busy ]

~***Cleaning The Album***~

*Prepare a 50/50 solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.

*Remove the album from its jacket and inner sleeve.
Always handle the record by its edges, with no contact to the playing surface itself.

*Blow softly on both sides of the album to remove surface dust and lint.

*Dip a soft, clean towel in solution until moderatly damp, not dripping. Use a circular motion to clean the record, following the grooves. Repeat on other side of the LP.

*Dry album with a soft, dry towel or cloth.

*Insert album into a crisp, new inner sleeve.

Keep solution off the labels, as they could bubble, bleed or come off altogether.
The same method can be used for CDs, however wipe CDs from center to outside, as opposed to the circular motion used with LPs.

~***Cleaning The Cover***~

*Use a cloth slightly dampened with water or furniture polish to wipe off the cover.

*Use an eraser to remove pencil marks; lighter fluid (naphtha) or hair spray works best on pen marks.

*Permanent marker can be removed by tracing over it with an erasable marker, then wiping with a dry cloth.

*Stickers, labels and tape can be removed by heating the area with a hair dryer, then carefully peeling.

*Use citrus-based cleaners or lighter fluid (naphtha) on the remaining sticky residue.

*To prevent wear and tear on the original cover, place album in a plain white cover, then store it along with the original in a poly outer sleeve.

*Store albums in a cool, dry place. Heat and humidity can cause the growth of mold and mildew on the cover, label and in the record grooves.

*Always store records vertically with as little leaning as possible.

*Always replace the album in its sleeve and cover immediately after playing.

Do not attempt to clean non-glossy (matte) album covers. You could possibly remove part of the print or colors.
Do not attempt to clean any album labels (the circular area in the center of the vinyl itself) for the same reason.
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Welcome! [11 Oct 2004|05:02pm]

Hi, my name is Elissa and my normal journal is lusciousdame. One of my many obsessions is with old album covers, often buying them and enjoying them for years before ever playing the disk inside.

I had some questions about cleaning, repairing and maintaining the covers of these old albums and looked here on LJ for a community for collectors and didn't find one so I thought as may as well start it myself.

I hope we all have fun playing Show & Tell with our own treasures, maybe post some sound clips and whatever else you feel inspired to share.

I'm hoping to spend this fall and winter constructing a web site to show off my entire collection but for now I can show off new aquisitions here.

Your Moderator,
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