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Cleaning Albums & Covers

~***Cleaning The Album***~

*Prepare a 50/50 solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.

*Remove the album from its jacket and inner sleeve.
Always handle the record by its edges, with no contact to the playing surface itself.

*Blow softly on both sides of the album to remove surface dust and lint.

*Dip a soft, clean towel in solution until moderatly damp, not dripping. Use a circular motion to clean the record, following the grooves. Repeat on other side of the LP.

*Dry album with a soft, dry towel or cloth.

*Insert album into a crisp, new inner sleeve.

Keep solution off the labels, as they could bubble, bleed or come off altogether.
The same method can be used for CDs, however wipe CDs from center to outside, as opposed to the circular motion used with LPs.

~***Cleaning The Cover***~

*Use a cloth slightly dampened with water or furniture polish to wipe off the cover.

*Use an eraser to remove pencil marks; lighter fluid (naphtha) or hair spray works best on pen marks.

*Permanent marker can be removed by tracing over it with an erasable marker, then wiping with a dry cloth.

*Stickers, labels and tape can be removed by heating the area with a hair dryer, then carefully peeling.

*Use citrus-based cleaners or lighter fluid (naphtha) on the remaining sticky residue.

*To prevent wear and tear on the original cover, place album in a plain white cover, then store it along with the original in a poly outer sleeve.

*Store albums in a cool, dry place. Heat and humidity can cause the growth of mold and mildew on the cover, label and in the record grooves.

*Always store records vertically with as little leaning as possible.

*Always replace the album in its sleeve and cover immediately after playing.

Do not attempt to clean non-glossy (matte) album covers. You could possibly remove part of the print or colors.
Do not attempt to clean any album labels (the circular area in the center of the vinyl itself) for the same reason.
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